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Keishna's Kiddie Corner

8220 Golf Links Rd. Oakland CA 94605 US

Keishna's Kiddie Corner

24hour M-F Childcare/ Transport Program

What we believe in...

I am pleased that you are considering or have chosen this program for your childcare needs. We both have a great responsibility for the health, care and instruction of your child. You, of course are the primary focus for your child; but during the day and for many hours, I am the support that they depend upon. I take this role very seriously, both as a professional in childcare and as a way of life.

I provide quality childcare in a loving home- environment for children from 3 months to 13 years old. At Keishna’s Kiddie Corner, children are allowed to be children and families are always a priority. I believe that family involvement is essential to any quality childcare program and thus I encourage parent participation. 

This program is designed to meet the needs and abilities of each child’s physical, emotional, intellectual and social development. Our environment is hands-on, educational and of course FUN. My desire is to assist and encourage each child’s abilities and skills throughout every stage of their development. Your child will have a safe, clean, healthy place to grow and learn.

Children learn through play. I try to provide many opportunities for them to discover things about the world they live in. Children are really very bright and need to be treated as special little individuals with much to share. Each child brings a new and exciting personality to my daycare and I try not to stifle their personality, but to nurture it and help them with socialization skills, and guide them in areas where they need guidance.

Keishna Hamilton

License # 013417870